Integrated Design for Engineering Systems. Bond Graph approach.


0-Jonction (Common effort Junction)

Examples of 0-Junction
Jonction 0:Loi de conservation d'énergie

1-Junction (Common flow junction)

Examples of 1-Junction
1-Junction : thermal system

Exercise A1

Junctions: Physical interpretation of the junction

Electrical circuits

0-junction : Kirchoff's currents law

1-junction : Kirchoff's voltage law

Mechanical systems

0-junction : Geometric compatibility for a situation involving a single force and several velocities which algebraically sum to zero

1-junction : Dynamic equilibrium of forces associated with a single velocity (Newton's law when an inertia element is involved).

Hydraulic systems

0-junction : Conservation of volume flow rate

1-junction : requirement that the sum of pressure drops around a circuit involving

Exercise AActive Elements
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