Integrated Design for Engineering Systems. Bond Graph approach.

Bond Graph et Diagramme Blocs

Let us learn bond graph language

Example 1 : Electrical Induction Motor
Example 2 : Power Station

Word Bond Graph and block diagram

Block Diagram

The input and output is a signal flow through each subsystem.

The input and output represent the causal signal used in the calculation mode.

Block diagram is a computational structure and do not reflect the physical structure of a system

Block Diagram
A Word Bond Graph

is a bond graph where the vertices represent subsystems or technological components denoted by a word and the inputs and outputs are a power variables

represents the physical structure of the system.

Input and output are the power variables .

The direction of half arrow indicates the orientation of the power.

A Word Bond Graph
d B27_1
d B27_1[Zoom...]
A Word bond Graph with thermal effet
d B27_2
d B27_2[Zoom...]
Causal Word Bond graph

However, the computational structure can be superimposed on a bond graph by adding a perpendicular stroke to each half arrow. Then the calculation (simulation) structure can be deduced as it is shown in the causal word bond graph

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