Integrated Design for Engineering Systems. Bond Graph approach.


The first idea

The first system used by Paynter teaching in the Civil Engineering Department at MIT

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d B03_1[Zoom...]

and first idea.

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d B03_2

Historic of bond graph modelling

Founder of BG : Henry Paynter (MIT Boston)

The Bond graph tool was first developed since 1961 at MIT, Boston, USA by Paynter ‘April, 24 , 1959)

Symbolism and rules development : Karnopp (university of California), Rosenberg (Michigan university), Jean Thoma (Waterloo)

Introduced in Europe only since 1971.

Netherlands and France ( Alsthom)

Teaching in Europe

France : Univ LyonI, INSA LYON, EC Lille, ESE Rennes, Univ. Mulhouse, Polytech'Lille, .....

University of London

University of Enshede (The Netherlands)

Teaching in Canada

Univ. of Waterloo (Jean THOMA)

Teaching in USA

MIT, Michigan university

Industrial application

is used today by many industries for modeling analysis and control.

Companies using this tool

Automobile company : PSA, Renault

Nuclear company : EDF, CEA, GEC Alsthom

Electronic :Thomson, Aerospace company ....

Définitions et principesBond Graph
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